Ulysse Consulting is an international project management services provider. We take projects from concept to completion, managing the process every step of the way.

Our core focus is to help clients minimize the risks inherent in the construction process. We accomplish this through a broad range of design and project management services that support our clients during every phase; from planning and design, to procurement and construction, to start-up and operation. No project is too big or small for the Ulysse team.



Project Management Approach

Right at the beginning of a project our focus lies in understanding the business intent of our Client for the specific project in hand and how it fits in relation to the Client’s wider development objectives. A comprehensive project brief serves as the main tracker of the key project information and is shared with the full team.

Project Commencement:
Upon appointment we review the entire project history and documentation. Subsequently we conduct a kick-off meeting with the appointed Design Team and the Client in order to introduce all parties and share their specific project objectives. All team members are brought up to speed with the relevant information and the joint progress track.

Client Approval

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Reports and Deliverables

Ulysse publishes bound reports at the end of all project stages and gives a formal presentation on its content. These reports contain recommendations and record decisions taken. Further they serve as key documentation of the Project Implementation process.

Strategic Schedule/Programme

At the project commencement we develop a strategic development programme that lays out the strategies on development, phasing, zoning and the procurement of Consultants, Contractors and long-lead items such as machinery and façade. This strategic development programme becomes the foundation for any subsequent detailed design, construction or procurement programme.


Right from the beginning we make sure that a Cost Consultant is appointed to control the cost and budget for the project. Cost plans are reviewed and commented by Ulysse based on our market experience.

Risk Assessment

We assess the project risks relevant to the stage the project is in. In the beginning we conduct a Risk Assessment workshop and analysis to assist the setting of financial contingencies and to develop risk reduction targets. Specific risks are quantified and qualified in terms of probability and cost/time consequences are determined. Strategies are developed to either mitigate or eliminate risks. A Risk Register, which remains a live document throughout the project life-cycle, is developed and kept up to date as the project progresses.

Design Management

Together with the Design team, Ulysse develops the Design Programme and ensures thorough coordination within the different disciplines such as Architecture, Structure and MEP. Specialist Consultants are identified and appointed at the appropriate time and cost. Ulysse conducts design review and coordination meetings to be held frequently with the entire Design Team. Any Design changes that deviate from the original Client’s requirements are subject to a formal Change Order Control Process. Prior to Client’s formal approval each Design Variation is analyzed against cost and programme.

Value Engineering

At strategic development junctions, Value Engineering Workshops are held to constantly verify an optimized approach, to eliminate redundancy and waste, while maintaining and enhancing quality and performance of the project. Value Engineering initiatives are tracked and registered and regularly come under review at Design Coordination and Value Engineering meetings.

Buildability Reviews

From early design stages we review building methods and ensure that design details, materials and systems are chosen in such a way that the anticipated balance between cost, speed of construction and quality is maintained and kept at an optimized level.

Tender Stage

Ulysse advises Clients on the appropriate procurement routes, identifies the various construction packages and short-lists qualified bidders. We review, check, analyze and appraise tenders and provide recommendations thereafter.

Post Contract Phase

During the Construction period we focus on Programme, Cost and Quality. We monitor the performance against agreed construction programmes. In case of any slippage we establish mitigation procedures and take action against any shortfalls. Furthermore we ensure that health and safety standards are met. We monitor the cost management and oversee the cost reporting. We monitor the procurement of Sub-Contractors and Suppliers. We thoroughly check the compliance of insurances and bonds. We aim to have no unwelcome surprises. The known risks are monitored throughout the project against time/financial contingencies. We monitor the contract fulfillment of all parties. All our actions are directed towards delivering the project on time, within budget and to quality expectations.